Belt Reduction Drive R-L30 conversion kits for Lifan engines

This particular model of Belt Reduction Drive is designed for Lifan engine conversion in order to install propeller. Belt Reduction Drive R-L30 can be used on airboat, hovercraft and aerosleighs. Belt Reduction Drive has tensioner of eccentric type. Frame of redrive made of aluminum 

Features of belt redrive:

galo20x20Low noise

galo20x20No oil change needed, just need to check belt tension.

galo20x20Wear of belt is clearly visible without any disassemble

galo20x20Easy to maintain - checking belt tension, belt replacement

galo20x20More distance between axis

galo20x20Belt breaking does not lead to mechanical damage to the gear housing and surrounding structures

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Max. engine power – 30 hp

Weight with flywheel and cover - 6 kg
Available reduction ratio  - 1,6

Reliable and simple design provides high performance and easy maintenance.